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Daily dose of grammar for a beginner: forming easy sentences in Spanish

June 8, 2018

To be able to form simple sentences in Spanish, you need to know a few nouns, verbs, pronouns (I, you, he/she…) and common prepositions to help you indicate things like place and time. All these you can learn with WordDive. When you start learning Spanish, one of the first things you’ll notice will probably be that – surprise, surprise – Spanish nouns have a gender. And learning genders might feel like a mission impossible, especially for those whose mother tongue…

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Learn grammar for free with WordDive

November 7, 2016

Our grammar courses are highly popular, and we are constantly widening the selection. But did you know that you can also learn grammar on WordDive’s free grammar pages? The site is open to all, and it allows you to explore the essential basics of different areas of grammar. The pages contain lots of examples and pictures to make learning grammar easy and pleasant. The site is intended to serve as an introduction to the grammar of different languages; you can concentrate…

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Learn to conjugate Spanish verbs!

April 18, 2016

Attention all of you studying Spanish: we have yet again broadened our Spanish course selection! The new Verb Conjugation in Present Tense grammar course focuses on learning to conjugate Spanish verbs, and it’s suitable for all elementary-level students as well as those who want to brush up their Spanish. For many, learning to conjugate verbs right seems like a tough job – no matter what the language. In this sense, Spanish isn’t the easiest language: in fact, verb conjugation is…

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Want a new challenge? Learn Spanish grammar!

September 14, 2015

Spanish grammar is not the simplest in the world: for example, the verbs are potentially marked for tense, aspect, mood, person, and number, resulting in about fifty conjugated forms per verb. Nevertheless, Spanish is the world’s fourth most spoken language: it is spoken by about 400 million people as their mother tongue. This makes it a useful language especially in the fields of tourism, culture and foreign trade. In the WordDive method, the study items are presented in example sentences, which also include grammatical constructions suitable for the skill…

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