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April 2016


Learn to conjugate Spanish verbs!

April 18, 2016

Attention all of you studying Spanish: we have yet again broadened our Spanish course selection! The new Verb Conjugation in Present Tense grammar course focuses on learning to conjugate Spanish verbs, and it’s suitable for all elementary-level students as well as those who want to brush up their Spanish. For many, learning to conjugate verbs right seems like a tough job – no matter what the language. In this sense, Spanish isn’t the easiest language: in fact, verb conjugation is…

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Invite your friends to try WordDive

April 11, 2016

We’re glad that you have enjoyed your studies with WordDive! Do you think your friends would also like to brush up their language skills? Get your friend to try WordDive, and you’ll receive a 2-week gift card. Visit our new recommendation page to invite your friend to try WordDive. If your friend activates the free course, you’ll receive a 2-week free license key for any Comprehensive course package. You can use it yourself to extend your current subscription or try out a new language. Click…

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The Comprehensive Finnish course package just got bigger and better!

April 4, 2016

This week we have great news for those of you studying Finnish: the Comprehensive Finnish course package has been upgraded to meet our users’ individual needs better! In addition to the language basics and grammar courses, the package now includes six new courses focused on specific topics:  Home and Living  Shopping and Errands  Traffic and Travel  Health and Wellbeing  Society and Environment  Education and Working Life With the upgrade, it is now even easier for you to find the courses with…

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