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August 2013


Best Way to Learn Vocabulary? Six Characteristics for an Ideal Vocabulary Learning Method

August 12, 2013

Vocabulary is no longer an overlooked, secondary aspect of language learning. Unfortunately, despite the increase in the field of vocabulary research, it seems that the new theoretical findings have not fully reached the practice of second and foreign language instruction (1). Although both teachers and learners tend to recognize the importance of vocabulary in mastering a new language, there is still an apparent lack of widely applied, efficient vocabulary learning and teaching methods. Some teachers see vocabulary acquisition as something…

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Newsletter: 2 000 000 Permanently Learned Study Items!

August 1, 2013

One of the key principles of the WordDive Method is to learn things permanently. Now all WordDive users together have learned 2 000 000 study items permanently. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in reaching this important milestone! Two million Permanent items, July 8, 2013   Permanent learning is important for two reasons Learning the pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary permanently frees your working memory to concentrate on what you want to say. It is more useful to learn things…

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