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June 2013


Don’t Forget What You Just Learned – The Role of Memory in Vocabulary Acquisition

June 17, 2013

The previous article laid out the complex nature of vocabulary acquisition: new words are not learned instantly, but through a multi-stage, incremental process which normally proceeds from receptive to productive vocabulary knowledge. The first stages of this process are essential: learning the correct spelling and pronunciation and the precise meaning(s) of a word builds a solid foundation for your language skills as a whole. But the next step can be defined as critical: if a learner is not able to…

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Newsletter: Easy Game Makes Language Learning Easier than Ever!

June 14, 2013

The tough thing about language learning is getting started when you don’t know anything yet… or feel like you have forgotten everything. Now WordDive has published a new exercise mode, Easy Game, precisely for the purpose of getting started. The idea is to get familiar with new words simply by looking at a picture and trying to guess the corresponding word. There is no typing, just a click or tap is enough. Like in the main exercise, you can still…

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