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Learn grammar for free with WordDive

November 7, 2016

Our grammar courses are highly popular, and we are constantly widening the selection. But did you know that you can also learn grammar on WordDive’s free grammar pages?

The site is open to all, and it allows you to explore the essential basics of different areas of grammar. The pages contain lots of examples and pictures to make learning grammar easy and pleasant.

The site is intended to serve as an introduction to the grammar of different languages; you can concentrate on the fine details and rare exceptions as you progress further in your studies!

Currently the introduction package is available in five languages:  English grammar

  Spanish grammar

  Finnish grammar

  Swedish grammar

  Russian grammar


The pages cover many of the grammar topics that are introduced in the actual grammar courses. This means that if there is a topic in a certain course that you would like to know more about, you can do it easily on the grammar pages. You can also access the pages directly by clicking the link in the course selection window on the Exercise page.

It is worthwhile to pay attention to grammar already in the beginning of your language studies: your language skills develop much faster if you have also studied some of the basic rules concerning the structures of the language. With WordDive it is easy!

If you have already visited the pages, you might want to give us feedback to let us know how we could make them even better. You can certainly tell your friend about them too!

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