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February 2017


Learning languages is like a gym for your brain

February 27, 2017

Language skills are useful for both work and leisure. With WordDive, learning languages is fun as well. But did you know that it’s also good for your brain? Give your brain some exercise – it’s worth it! Contrary to what many believe, new brain cells can still develop at an advanced age. This means that we can learn new things and improve our memory regardless of age. Besides regular physical activity and a healthy diet, exercising your brain can be…

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What makes the WordDive method so effective?

February 19, 2017

WordDive gives you amazing results: you can learn a new language in only three months. In the following, we’ll tell you why the WordDive method is so effective – read this and you’ll probably be even more motivated to continue your studies with WordDive! You will quickly learn to think in the new language Fluent language skills require that you learn to think in the new language. That means you don’t need to think through everything you want to say…

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New British English course: Connectors

February 8, 2017

We have published a new British English course: Connectors. On this new grammar course, you will learn how to use English words and phrases that express connections between the things you are talking about. The course teaches you expressions like on the other hand and besides. Mastering connectors makes it easier for you to explain things in a logical way, thus making your language skills more fluent. LEARN ENGLISH NOW   WordDive TeamA mighty mix of language learning professionals, engineers, designers, user interface…

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