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October 12, 2018

Admit it: Most of us spend hours staring at a screen on a daily basis. Even if we’re just reading the news on our mobile phone, browsing Facebook for a few minutes or watching two or three episodes of our favourite series on Netflix, we are consuming multiple hours of screen time each week. Social media makes up most of this time, but luckily, it’s possible to take advantage of it.

Many social media platforms are available globally, which means that their news and photo feeds, discussion groups and comment fields offer a fantastic opportunity to learn and use foreign languages.

On social media sites short and simple sentences are often acceptable and no one usually cares about small mistakes.

Discussion groups

There are many groups on Facebook which are solely focused on language learning. It is easy to join these groups, and you can freely comment on each other’s posts without worrying about making mistakes, since all of the group members are there to learn as well.

Videos, vlogs and blogs

YouTube is one of the most convenient ways of enhancing your language skills, because you have access to a myriad of interesting videos and documentaries. You don’t necessarily have to watch videos that concentrate on language learning, because makeup tutorials, DIY videos and NHL game compilations work equally well in developing listening comprehension skills.

You can also read and listen to blogs and vlogs from all over the world and simultaneously increase your vocabulary. And did you know that you can also read our WordDive blog in three other languages: in Finnish, Swedish and German!

Follow and comment!

No matter which social media platform you use, you often have the opportunity to follow other users. So, if you are learning French, why not start following your favourite French football player on Instagram? Don’t hesitate to ask questions or comment on pictures or just read what others have written. You’ll quickly learn how to react to baby news, congratulate someone on their birthday or express your opinions in the foreign language.

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