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European Day of Languages: A reason to celebrate!

September 24, 2015

On Saturday, September 26, is the annual European Day of Languages. The purpose of this day is to celebrate the linguistic diversity of Europe and emphasize the importance of good language skills and life-long learning, as well as to encourage people to study new languages.

 European Day of Languages

Learning a new language can be a challenge and it requires continuous practice. WordDive offers you a wide range of courses for each language.

Celebrate the Day of Languages by continuing your language studies. Today is a great day to further improve your language skills!

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1 Comment

  • Reply Bill Chapman September 25, 2015 at 17:59

    I hope Esperanto won’t be forgotten on the European Day of Languages. I would like to argue the case for wider use of Esperanto, a planned language which belongs to no one country or group of states.

    Esperanto works! I’ve used it in speech and writing in about fifteen countries over recent years. I recommend it to any traveller, as a way of making friendly local contacts.

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