What makes the WordDive method so effective?

February 19, 2017

WordDive gives you amazing results: you can learn a new language in only three months. In the following, we’ll tell you why the WordDive method is so effective – read this and you’ll probably be even more motivated to continue your studies with WordDive!

You will quickly learn to think in the new language

Fluent language skills require that you learn to think in the new language. That means you don’t need to think through everything you want to say in your native language before speaking. With the WordDive method, this ability develops fast because you use all your senses when you exercise. You can simultaneously see, hear and read the study item, which means you repeat it several times in each exercise almost without noticing. This creates a strong association between the study item and its real life context of use.

WordDive Method

You learn to use what you have learned

Hierarchy of SkillsYou become fluent when you are able to use the new language without hesitation over the right words, pronunciation, or grammar structures. A common reason for inefficient language studies is that the learning only reaches the skill level Know: you might be able to recall what you have learned in order to pass an exam, but you can’t really use the language, not even in the most basic everyday situations.

With the WordDive method, you will learn to form thoughts in the new language from the very beginning of your studies and will quickly reach the skill level Use. Your brain can concentrate on what you want to say and how – instead of insecure fumbling, you will be using the new language with confidence and fluency.

WordDive recognizes your skills

In order to learn to think in a new language and use it actively, you should first learn approximately 2000 most frequent words and their proper grammatical use. This might sound like a hard task, but luckily WordDive is here to get you through it successfully. The service recognizes when you have learned a study item permanently – in other words, it knows when you can actually use it.

As WordDive optimizes the exercises individually for each user, the amount of repetitions is just right to permanently learn the essential vocabulary and basic grammar. The best thing is that with WordDive everybody learns, regardless of age and initial language skills.

WordDiveYou will easily learn more

Once you have built a solid foundation for your language skills, it will be easy for you to develop them even further. The ability to think in the new language and actively use it makes you a quick learner: you can readily absorb new vocabulary and sentence structures by reading books, watching movies, or traveling. The more you know, the more you’ll learn!


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