The best way to prep for Spanish finals

October 24, 2017

Linda Henriksson, 18, has just completed the first round of her final exams. In addition to English, she chose to do an exam in Spanish, a choice which set her apart from most of her peers.

– When I was little, we used to go to Spain a lot. I remember it was always warm and sunny there. I also like to watch Spanish TV series, like Los Serrano, Aquí no hay quien viva and Velvet, Linda says.

Linda prepared for her exam by revising her course books, doing preparatory exercises and using WordDive’s Comprehensive Spanish course package.

– Exercising with the app is different and fun. It’s also much more freeform than studying at school. I can do things that help me revise specific areas and exercise whenever I have energy for it.

Linda used WordDive mostly in the mornings before going to school, 30-60 minutes at a time. She used the course package for a total of approximately 10 hours.

– I had already completed WordDive’s English prep course and liked it. I think Comprehensive Spanish worked very well when preparing for the exam, too.

The final results of the exam are not yet in, but Linda’s preliminary score looks very good and might even be enough for the highest grade.

Still, the most important thing for her is having language skills that will come in handy the next time she goes to Spain.

– You tend to get better service when you can speak the local language. Besides, it’s really nice when you can communicate with local people.

Linda will do the rest of her exams next year, and after that – who knows? She has wondered if business school might be her thing, but on the other hand, working for a while could be nice too. First things first, though – now she has to leave for a social studies class.

P.S. Check out WordDive’s English and Swedish prep courses. If you’re preparing for a Spanish, German, French or Russian exam, read more about our comprehensive packages. They will increase your vocabulary and improve your overall skill level, which gives a big advantage in listening and reading comprehension exams and writing your essay.

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  • Reply Richard Beasley October 31, 2017 at 14:45

    I found this interview through a link from a Word Dive e-mail with the subject line ‘How to prepare for your final exams in less common languages’. How could any one consider Spanish to be a ‘less common’ language?

    • Reply Heidi Sharma November 17, 2017 at 12:52


      Thank you for your comment! I guess that in Finland it is less common to choose Spanish as matriculation exam subject. Most people choose English and Swedish. Obviously it is not “a less common language” in any other context.

      Best regards, Heidi

  • Reply Sally December 5, 2017 at 17:08

    Thank you , for excellent page !! Love u so much!

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