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Why are pictures so effective in language learning?

August 1, 2016

WordDive exercises start off with visual hints. The first thing you see is a picture that will lead you to think of the study item you are learning. Next you will write your answer based on a guess, knowledge, or what you have heard by choosing to listen to the extra hint. Finally, you will see and hear the correct answer in an example sentence.

Have you ever wondered why WordDive uses visual hints as a starting point of the exercises? Couldn’t the study item be described with a brief text, for example? In the following, we will explain why learning through pictures is so effective in language acquisition.

You will get the most out of your memory

Several studies have shown that the brain’s ability to absorb information is considerably higher when new information is presented simultaneously in both visual and verbal forms. This way, a strong and permanent connection is created between the picture and the word. For example, the Spanish word for pet, la mascota, is anchored deep into your memory when you learn it together with a picture of pets. You will automatically remember it when you see a pet or an image of one. Similarly, reading or hearing the word la mascota brings up the right image in your mind. You have learned a word – permanently!

You will learn to think in the new language

WordDive develops your ability to think in the language you are studying. When the mental image of a study item is triggered by a picture instead of a verbal description in your native language, you are able to concentrate on just one language, and the association formed between the word and the picture becomes strong. This leads quickly to fluent language skills!

You will achieve amazing results – without stress!

Pictures also make it easier to learn more abstract things and concepts. When exercising with WordDive, it might sometimes feel difficult to interpret what exactly a picture refers to when you see it for the first time. But don’t worry – you are not supposed to get it right straight away! The association between the picture and the study item develops little by little. Just relax, take a wild guess, and do not hesitate to make use of the other available hints. After a couple of exercise rounds, you will surely recognize it without any hesitation!

Learn the way that suits you best

Some of us learn best by seeing, others by hearing, while some prefer to learn by experimenting. WordDive supports your personal learning style, and in addition to the visual hints, allows you to listen, see a translation, write, read and pronounce each study item. Making use of all the senses simultaneously is the key to developing versatile language skills fast!

If you like, you can read more about visual hints on WordDive’s homepage!

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