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What do our prep course participants think of the course?

June 22, 2016

WordDiven abikurssit

The popularity of our matriculation exam prep courses has grown significantly in a few years. More than 10 000 high school graduates have already taken the course. Moreover, 98 % of course participants state that they would recommend our courses to their younger fellow students. We are proud of the course’s popularity and of our chance to help Finnish high school graduates to reach top scores in their matriculation exam. But how do this spring’s participants describe our courses? Here are a few examples:


Essi_abi_2016My grade in high school English is 5 and I would never have imagined getting a C in English or writing an 80p essay. Before WordDive, my passing the English final exam was very uncertain. WordDive really saved me in the final exams so BIG THANKS!:)
-Essi, high school graduate 2016


Elina_abi_2016Truly the best app ever! I have learned many new words and it was even fun. I can really say that I am addicted to WordDive’s mobile app. Studying with it is easy and totally fun. My mobile phone is always with me when I’m travelling so I can study wherever, even on the bus. I recommend the prep course to all high school graduates. With the app, I have learned very useful words which I thought I knew already but didn’t after all. I recommend it!
-Elina, high school graduate 2016



Because of this course, I improved my grade from B to M. Thank you for that!
-Joonas, high school graduate 2016



Do you know anyone who wants an excellent result in their high school matriculation exam? Spread the word about the prep course.



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