Seppo, Torrevieja: WordDive has become my daily companion

December 15, 2015

Last spring, my friend gave me a tip to try WordDive. I and my wife are retired and we often spend the winter in Spain or the Canary Islands. I’m not linguistically talented, but I still wanted to try WordDive. I started with the introductory course, got excited, and then ordered a six-month course as soon as I was back in Finland. Since then, I’ve been studying Spanish with WordDive almost daily, 20 to 30 minutes a day.

SeppoWe like it in Spain, because living there is considerably cheaper than in Finland. Our current favourite is Torrevieja, a nice town in coastal Spain. In winter, half of the population of 100 000 people are foreign: Brits, Nordics and Russians escaping their cold homelands. There are around 1000 Finns living permanently in Torrevieja.

The atmosphere in southern Spain is friendly and international, the flight is relatively short, and the location is warm and bright. Spain is also a cultural delight. We especially enjoy old towns, visual arts, music and dance. It’s new to us to experience so many street festivals and colourful parades even in small towns.

It’s been especially rewarding to get to know Spanish music, which is little-known in Finland. The musicians are highly skilled and the concerts have a relaxed atmosphere. I have also been playing in a band with my Finnish friends in Torrevieja, so I’ve found a nice hobby as well. I’m making use of my background as a musician: I have played the accordion and the bassoon.

I have noticed that many Finns who have been living in Spain for a long time haven’t learned much Spanish at all. I believe that one of the hardest things is getting started, and WordDive is a good solution to this. The method is convenient, comfortable and supportive, and you get results. The advantages of WordDive are that it’s user-friendly and that you can study whenever you like – all you need is a computer with internet access.

I have now studied with WordDive for about three months and I’ve learned to spell and pronounce slightly over 500 words permanently. The efficiency is way better than it would be in school. The colourful graphics are fun. The program tells you when you are making progress or when you are too tired and should take a break. Constant encouragement creates an urge to get results.

WordDive has become a daily companion for me. I enjoy studying and becoming better. It’s also nice to notice that you can learn new things even at this age.

Seppo Grönvall

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