Relax and enjoy – learning languages is fun!

June 6, 2016

Learning a new language requires some effort. Your initial enthusiasm might wear off if you feel that you’re not achieving results you hoped for. You don’t seem to find time for your studies, and you notice your motivation is decreasing. What should you do?

You learn better when you’re having fun!

Setting your own goals, scheduling your time and exercising regularly are all excellent ways to keep your motivation level high. The greatest results are attained if studying itself is pleasant and fun. When you’re enjoying your exercises, you don’t have to force yourself to study – quite the opposite!

Even though a certain amount of self-discipline and concentration are important for your language studies, research shows that in fact you learn a new language most effectively when you’re relaxed. Trying too hard might actually be harmful: when your brain is stressed, its learning and memory capacity are significantly reduced.

WordDiveWordDive makes effectiveness enjoyable

The basis of the WordDive method is the idea that studying languages should be enjoyable and easy in order to be effective. Read the following tips related to WordDive’s features to learn how to make exercising as fun – and hence, as effective – as possible!

  • Look, listen and repeat!
    If you don’t come up with the right answer easily, don’t hesitate to take a look at it or listen to it. You will learn the language simultaneously through hearing and sight, and several repetitions only make the connection between the picture and the study item stronger in your long term memory. Don’t ponder too long, just go with the flow!
  • Guess!
    If an answer comes to mind, don’t hold it back. The subconscious is important for learning, so let it roam freely and write whatever you have in mind without unnecessary self-criticism and pressure.
  • Play!
    Pay attention to your progress and the points you have earned, compete with yourself and get immersed in playing. Thanks to WordDive’s game-like features, you will learn almost without noticing, and exercising becomes addictive!
  • Short exercise sessions, enough rest!
    Breaks make you learn better, and exercising when you’re tired is not worth it. You get better results with several short exercise sessions than with a few long ones. Keep your mind fresh and don’t stress over your studies – with WordDive you will succeed!

Enjoy your studies!

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