7 tips for successful language learning

December 30, 2014

Starting the new year by learning a new language or improving your old skills? We put together seven tips for achieving results and maintaining your interest to make your enthusiasm last.

1: Set your goal

Decide what you want to achieve by the end of 2015: Learn enough to survive on a holiday abroad? The ability to have a chat with your foreign friend? With approximately 600 words you can have a basic conversation. Set a clear goal that matters to you and is realistic: not too easy, but not impossible to achieve.

2: Don’t overdo it

You know how gyms are full of people after the Christmas holidays and then get emptier in a few weeks? If you exaggerate and try too hard in the beginning, your enthusiasm might diminish sooner than expected. Remember to take breaks and have days off from studying.


3: It’s OK to make mistakes

If you have a chance to use your skills in practice, don’t be shy. No one expects anyone to be an expert after having a new hobby for a couple of months, whether it’s sports or languages or playing an instrument. It’s OK to make mistakes. Even though it might be difficult to say your first sentences, say them anyway. It will be easier next time.

4: Entertainment can be useful

Find interesting videos on YouTube to hear the language in a natural environment and maybe pick up some words that you haven’t learned from study materials. Listening to music or watching movies or TV series in the language you are learning helps your ear get used to hearing the language.

5: Track your progress

It is easier to maintain motivation when you see that your skills are developing all the time. Did you know that on the Settings page you can order a weekly report on your progress?

6: Share your achievements

Language learning is not an exception regarding the importance of support from friends and family. When you practice with WordDive, you can share your achievements in social media instantly after completing the exercise. You can also email your progress reports automatically – just go to Settings and indicate the email addresses where you want the reports to be sent.

7: Reward yourself

When you achieve your goals, celebrate it! You’ve deserved it. It is easy to combine the reward with the language and culture you’re learning – for example, if you’re a hard-working Spanish learner, how about a dinner at a Spanish restaurant or a trip to a Spanish-speaking country?

Happy New Year! Why not start learning a new language?

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