5 new French courses published

May 11, 2018

We have published five new French courses that include new vocabulary and grammar.

On the Adjectives course, you will learn to use the different forms of French adjectives. The course includes both regular and irregular adjectives and will be added to all French course packages.

The two health-related courses, Visiting a Doctor and Wellbeing, include useful vocabulary and phrases that you will need if you get sick abroad, visit a pharmacy or want to talk about relaxing in your spare time. Both courses are suitable for beginners, and they will be added automatically to the Comprehensive French and French for Travel packages.

You can also enhance your vocabulary with the new Home and Living course. As you can guess from the name, the course focuses on home-related vocabulary: different rooms and things in a house, household appliances… The course is best suited for beginners. You will benefit from this course whether you are moving to a French-speaking country or travelling to one and comparing accommodation options. The course will be added automatically for all existing users of the Comprehensive French course package.

The Everyday Phrases course includes many useful phrases for communicating in French. These include courtesies like ”s’il vous plait” and wishes like “bon voyage”. The course is designed especially for beginners and will be added to all French course packages.

The new courses will be added automatically for current French students. What’s more, all other French courses have also been updated. Enjoy your studies!

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