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We have reached 10 million permanent study items!

August 11, 2015

It’s time for a party! We have reached a new, impressive milestone: the total number of study items learned permanently by WordDive users has exceeded 10 million. This is a very impressive achievement that belongs to all of you. You are really persistent and hard-working students!

10 million!Did you know that the whole WordDive method is developed around permanent learning?

With WordDive, you repeat things exactly the amount of times that is necessary for you.

When you exercise for a long time, the program recognises you might be getting tired and will suggest taking a break. This is how your study sessions remain effective and your motivation high.

While exercising with WordDive, you will see, think, read, write, listen and pronounce when going through the study items. The use of multiple senses activates the brain much more deeply than just reading. With the help of the example sentences you will also learn grammar, sentence structure and typical phrases almost without noticing.

When the study method is relaxed and rewarding, your brain is happy and more willing to store everything you learn in the long term memory. Due to permanent learning, you will not have to hesitate with words. Instead, your knowledge of language becomes automatic and you can relax and enjoy the conversation.

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