The secret of efficient learning

October 6, 2017

Did you know that the key to fast and efficient learning is a good night’s sleep?

Sleep studies have shown that the best way to remember the things you learned during the day is to sleep well after exercising.

This is because the events of the day really do feature in your dreams. While you’re sleeping, your brain is working on the things that happened during the day, such as having practiced something. This activates and strengthens the new neural connections created by the exercises.

According to Robert Stickgold, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, the night following the exercise is the most important. If you don’t sleep that night, your learning won’t progress, and the situation will not improve even if you sleep longer the next couple of nights.

The WordDive Method acknowledges the importance of sleep as well. This is the reason why you can only achieve permanently learned items on the second or third exercise day.

Exercising over the course of several days ensures that you will really remember the things you learn with WordDive. You will reach a skill level where you can use the new language fluently and with confidence.

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