5 reasons why language learning is more fun as an adult

October 11, 2017

1. It’s different when you’re learning something because you want to.

Did you have to study a foreign language at school even though you weren’t interested? Don’t let that ruin the fun you can have as an adult speaking a foreign language fluently. Studying a language as an adult is completely different: you’re doing it because you want to, when it fits your own schedule, at your own pace.

2. You have a real reason to learn a new language.

At school, you might have felt like you were studying languages and words you would never need for anything. Maybe you were right, maybe you weren’t, but the end result was that you lacked inner motivation, and that made learning harder.

When you start studying a language as an adult, you usually have a reason: you need it for your job, want to move to another country or are in love with someone who speaks a foreign language. The more motivated you are, the easier it will be for you to remember things.

3. You can start from topics that interest you.

As an adult, you get to choose what kind of things you want to study and start from topics that you’re interested in or that you really need to know. Rather than memorizing phrases that you find meaningless, you can concentrate on ones that will actually be useful to you. “I would like a glass of red wine, please!”

4. You have a good foundation to build on.

You probably learned about the structure of your own language at school, not to mention one or more foreign languages. You might feel that you have forgotten everything, but in truth you remember and know more than you think.

In any case, your cognitive skills are now much better than those of a child. You will find it easier to understand different structures and logical rules of a language and put them to practice.

5. You have new learning methods, technology and tools at your disposal to make learning fun and personalized.

On the internet, you have endless resources and authentic materials within your reach. These can really support your studies. There are videos, podcasts, courses and applications available to you 24/7, often at a very reasonable price. The best applications are so entertaining that using them makes studying feel like watching TV or playing a fun game.

Would you like to speak fluent German, Spanish or Swedish? Studying a language as an adult is fun!

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