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Learn how to use the passive voice in Swedish!

October 31, 2016

WordDive’s selection of Swedish courses has broadened again! To respond to our users’ wishes, we have added a new grammar course, which concentrates on the passive voice in Swedish. The Passive Voice course is based on WordDive’s highly popular and effective preparation courses for Finnish matriculation exams. The passive voice is used when it is impossible or unnecessary to point out who is performing the action. In Swedish, the passive voice can be expressed with the verbs vara and bli or…

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Articles Newsletters

From zero to excellent Swedish grades: the story of a Finnish engineering student

September 3, 2015

Finnish universities have a mandatory Swedish course that everyone has to pass in order to graduate. While Finns do study Swedish in school, the mandatory Swedish course in the university still causes a lot of headache, especially for the engineering students. Only a fraction of them get through the mandatory course without remedial teaching, and in the worst cases, failing to complete that one course delays their graduation. When the 25-year-old mechanic Mika Lamminen started his studies at the Tampere…

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Smart way to learn Swedish grammar

May 25, 2015

After the great success of WordDive’s English, Spanish and Finnish grammar pages, we have good news for our Swedish grammar enthusiasts. WordDive’s new free-to-use Swedish grammar page is here! Just as the English language, Swedish has rather clear and straightforward grammatical rules. WordDive has put together an overview of the 10 most important Swedish grammar topics for you and created an easy-to-understand Swedish grammar guide. Every section concentrates on a different topic, and you can either proceed step-by-step from one to ten or pick those topics that…

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