New treats for Italy lovers

August 7, 2017
Italian treats

Attention all friends of Italy! Our Italian material has been renewed. We have updated all existing study material, added three new courses to the Comprehensive Italian package and published a complimentary Italian grammar page.


The course Health and wellbeing includes useful vocabulary and expressions that you may need when visiting the doctor, when expecting a baby, for the treatment of illnesses and for maintaining your health.

With the help of the other new course, Working life, you will learn the most central expressions needed at the workplace. You will also learn to talk about things related to job hunting and communication.

In the Question words course you will have the chance to go through the most important Italian question words and you will learn how to formulate some useful questions.

The new courses have automatically been added to existing users of the Comprehensive Italian course package.


The new grammar page includes a handy introduction to the basics of Italian grammar. The page introduces 10 of the most essential areas of Italian grammar. Check out the new grammar page: Italian Grammar

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