Italian Grammar

WordDive has put together a handy introduction to guide you through the basics of Italian grammar!

Below is a list of some of the most central aspects of Italian grammar. It is there to help you study – either independently or with WordDive – and you can either go through it in order or, alternatively, you can skip to the topic that you find most useful or interesting.

You can familiarize yourself with Italian nouns and the way they correlate with articles and adjectives. You also have the possibility to learn more about the three verb types in Italian and their conjugation in the present tense. Moreover, two commonly used past tense forms and the two auxiliary verbs are introduced. If you have difficulties with prepositions, no sweat! We provide a list with definitions and examples of each. Finally, you can learn more about a word you might have come across more than once in Italian, namely “si”.

Improve your grammar skills with WordDive now and learn Italian in a totally new and fun way!

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