Aino: I want to reach the top!

December 15, 2015

I first encountered WordDive when I was searching for an English course for my daughter, who is in high school. When I came across WordDive, I realized I could start using it myself.

I have always been more mathematically oriented. I graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology, and nowadays I’m working as a researcher of digital services. I need English at work every day. For example, the reports are all written in English. That’s why it didn’t occur to me to start an English course, but now I’m totally hooked.

I’ve been using English a lot, but my vocabulary has gaps, and I need to search for words especially when speaking.

AinoI started studying with WordDive when the summer holidays began. I also managed to get my daughter excited. Currently, I’m on the second highest level (B2.2), but now I want to get to the last level (C1)! WordDive is very addictive, and the words stick to your mind. As a researcher of digitalization, I can say that WordDive is an excellent example of gamification, because in WordDive, the motivation comes from outside the game: improving your language skills. I could compare it to Super Mario, which doesn’t necessarily help children in their daily lives.

I’m planning to continue studying until I’ve completed all the courses. In school, I had to work hard, and I still wasn’t that good at languages. But look at me now! At times, it makes me laugh how hooked I am to getting to the top. Normally I’m not that interested in online games or anything like that. Nevertheless, it’s nice to attend meetings now that I can express myself properly. It’s great that I’m not at a loss for words any more when I’m talking to my colleagues and associates.

My daughter has also grown fond of WordDive, and she hopes the vocabulary from school textbooks would be added to the program. She says that memorizing words without WordDive is so difficult.

Aino Mensonen

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