Why do 96% of users recommend WordDive?

April 4, 2017

Learn Languages with WordDive

How does WordDive work?

WordDive is designed to solve the biggest issues that stop us from actually using a foreign language on a holiday trip, at work and in other practical situations. The most important of these solutions are:

– mastering roughly 2 000 frequently used words and
– a good command of basic grammar.

When you know these well enough to produce them automatically, it is possible to form thoughts in the new language. This will very quickly lead to the ability to speak the target language.



First you are presented with a picture that will lead you to think of the thing you are learning. If you know or can guess the word, next you will write, listen and pronounce it. If you don’t know the word yet, you can translate, listen to or check the right answer.

Next comes an example where the word is presented in a natural context. Sentence structures, grammar and common expressions will become familiar through the examples.

All this means that depending on the correctness of your answer (check out the different answer levels), the same study item is repeated 6-11 times on each try,using multiple senses.

The intended goal is not to know all the correct answers at first sight. You can use the Easy Game while familiarizing yourself with new material, but you learn best when you use the Main Exercise. Remember to check out our popular Grammar pages before starting to practice the grammar courses.



Even though it might feel hard to get started, listen to the voice samples and repeat them aloud. Listening and speaking strengthens the impression further and speeds up your learning. Soon you will find that the picture brings the word to your mind directly in the target language, not in your native language.

With the WordDive method you learn to think and act in the target language, which is the most natural way to learn and quickly leads to better language skills than the traditional, native language based way of studying. Excellent learning results are one of the main reasons why 96% of users recommend WordDive.

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