What if your answer is almost correct?

May 9, 2016

Languages are learned by making mistakes, and before you know a new word permanently, you are likely to remember it only partly. This is why WordDive gives you points even when your answer is not fully correct.

Once you have answered, you’ll see an answer icon in the window that pops up. This icon tells you just how well you know the study item you are practising. All in all, there are five different answer icons:

wrong_answerIncorrect. You couldn’t find the fully correct or almost correct answer this time. You didn’t earn any points, but there’s no need to worry: WordDive will make sure that this study item is repeated as many times as necessary during the next exercise rounds so that you will learn it permanently!


good_tryGood try. You still couldn’t get it exactly right, or your answer fit the situation but wasn’t precisely what we were looking for. Anyhow, you improved your skills and earned a few points. The right answer is shown to you again instantly to make sure that the proper form stays in your memory.


Correct_by_listeningCorrect by listening. You were able to write the answer correctly or almost correctly after listening to it first, and you earned some points. Well done, but you still need to practise a bit more to assure that the study item will be permanently stored in your long term memory.


Almost_correctAlmost correct. You probably know this one already, but might have forgotten a necessary accent mark, capital letter, or other small but important detail. You get almost full points, and after a few more exercise sessions, the fully correct form will come out easily!


Fully_correctFully correct. You got it exactly right and earned full points. Congratulations! If necessary, the study item will be rehearsed a couple more times until WordDive has ensured that it has been successfully transferred to your long term memory.


As you can see, the answer icons provide you interesting information about your progress on every exercise round, and they are definitely worth paying attention to! Remember that once you get a fully correct answer, the study item is close to being stored in your long term memory, and you are about to reach the Permanent level. You can read more about this on the Help page.

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