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Set your goal – WordDive chooses the right courses for you!

March 14, 2016

Once again, we have improved WordDive’s usability with a handy new feature! You decide what you’re aiming for with your language studies and WordDive tells you which courses you should take. You will now find the necessary courses right away, and the courses’ difficulty level and recommended order will be much easier to perceive. The new feature is available for all course packages, and you can choose your personal level from the following options: Basic level Do you want a…

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Swedish noun classes

December 21, 2015

Did you know that the Swedish language has five different noun classes? In addition to knowing the correct article (en or ett), it is important to know to which class a noun belongs in order to be able to decline it correctly. For example, if you know that the word en skola (school) belongs to declination class 1, you will also know that its indefinite plural is skolor. In the exercises, we have marked the noun class for each noun…

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The WordDive method is more than just learning words

November 20, 2015

People who don’t know how WordDive works are often confused. “Is this just a fancy new way of memorizing words?” Yes, that is partially correct. You will learn a lot of new words with WordDive. However, that is not the whole story. WordDive is not just about memorizing new words. It is more about learning how to actually use the language you are studying – in real life situations. 1 study item includes about 10 words on average So when…

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