Newsletter: Certificates for completed courses!

February 25, 2013


Learning is great, and the biggest reward is the ability to communicate, take care of things and make friends using a new language. However, it is also useful to have a proper certificate for the effort spent and results achieved.

In the international economy of today, the importance of language skills is increasing rapidly. Being able to speak and handle things in foreign languages makes it easier to get hired and promoted.

From now on, a detailed certificate is automatically emailed to you for every completed course. And no worries if the certificate gets lost. You can always resend it from your account settings on our website – just click “Menu” on the top right corner of the exercise page. Then, click “Settings” and “Completed courses” or “Completed goals”.

Make studying, even for a bit, a daily practice, and soon a fine new certificate will decorate your wall!

Dive into language!

WordDive Team

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