Customer success story: Hannele

February 16, 2018

”I got a three-month gift card for WordDive as a Christmas present from my brother. I chose to use it for German – it used to be my favorite language in school, but I haven’t really used it since.

I have now been using WordDive for a bit over a month and have managed to complete 7 courses and over 700 permanently learned study items.

Learning with WordDive has been simple and extremely addictive. In the exercises, you need to either choose or type the correct word based on a picture representing the study item. When practicing grammar, you need to fill in a blank space in a sentence, for example, with the correct verb form.

The combination of pictures, words, audio, and example sentences works surprisingly well. Learning is suggestive, and the visuals work as an essential part of the process. The pronunciation samples of the words and example sentences, spoken by native voice actors, are another thing about the program that’s excellent. I would really like to invite these guys for a beer in some Gasthaus, they’re amazing. They really take the language to the next level!


When you listen to the samples and repeat them out loud, your pronunciation and word stress really hit the spot. Using two senses (seeing and hearing) at the same time and speaking out loud make learning efficient – which is also backed by research.

The artificial intelligence follows your progress and makes suggestions according to how you’re doing. For instance, if it notices that you have been studying a course enough for the day, it suggests taking a break or moving to another course.

Thanks to WordDive, German is ringing loud and clear in my head now – and the journey with WordDive has been refreshing!”


Learn German with WordDive

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