Best Instagram accounts for learning languages

December 20, 2019

Many of us use Instagram daily in our free time as well as at work. Instagram is useful for many things – also for learning languages!

International Instagram accounts give you funny, everyday advice on using a new language easily and fast.

Here are a few recommendations of Instagram accounts that support language learning. Follow these accounts and add a touch of foreign languages to your day!

French: OhLaLaJadore

On this Instagram account you will find useful French phrases illustrated with harmonious pictures. Do you know what “pain” means in French? Go find out!

English: englishwithadriana

Adriana is an Australian English teacher who has published videos for example about the pronunciation of the English language. Adriana gives also practical advice on how to get rid of the fear of speaking a foreign language and shares motivating quotes for learning languages.

English: tofluency

Do you need challenges for English language learning? Learn English with Jack on Instagram! On his Instagram account, Jack shares complicated riddles about phrasal verbs and publishes videos about combinations of different words used in different contexts.

German: daysofdeutsch

This account teaches German one word and one picture at a time. You might also want to check the stories of this account! There you can revise German words in the form of videos.

Spanish: howtospanish

Nowadays it’s difficult to avoid gif-animations, those moving and colourful comments appearing in conversations in social media. Erika’s account is made of humorous gif-animations where Spanish expressions have been attached to.

Finnish: finkingcap

Finnish teacher Emmi posts about spoken expressions, grammar, and the differences in meaning of words. In her feed Emmi brings out the challenges in the Finnish language with practical examples.

You can find us as well on Instagram as WordDive.

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