The new mobile app is released!

May 8, 2018

It’s finally here: the new version of WordDive’s mobile app has been released!

The new app is even more fun, efficient and easy to use than before. You can follow your progress with fish, which develop from novices to juniors and masters as you learn more.

Exercising has been completely overhauled as well. Old exercise modes have been combined into one exercise, where the AI automatically selects the best way for you to learn each study item.

The new exercise and result calculation system mean that your stars and estimates for reaching the next level may look different for a bit. Don’t worry, though, everything you have already achieved is still saved.

We’re very proud of this new version of WordDive and hope that you will like it too.

So hurry up and try the new, awesome WordDive! If you have already installed the mobile app on your device, please update it to the newest version (4.0). If you haven’t tried the WordDive mobile app yet, download it from your app store.

WordDive Mobile App - available in App Store

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