New Russian grammar courses

February 18, 2016

We are happy to announce that we have added two brand new grammar courses to the Comprehensive Russian course package.

You can now deepen your knowledge of the Russian language by learning grammar. Both courses are suitable for beginners.


Pronouns and adjectives

On this course, you will learn common and useful personal pronouns, possessive pronouns and adjectives. The course unites pronouns and adjectives, because in Russian, they have a lot in common.

What are personal and possessive pronouns, then? For example, you need apersonal pronoun to be able to say “Спаси́бо тебе́” (Thank you), where you is the pronoun. If you want to say who owns something, you need possessive pronouns. For example, you can say “Моё я́блоко в той су́мке” (My apple is in that bag).

Adjectives describe what things are like, such as what color or size they are. For example, you can say “Э́та соба́ка ма́ленькая” (This dog is small).

Gender plays a very important role in Russian grammar. This course is a good opportunity to learn more about gender in the Russian language and to concentrate on the words’ endings and the contexts.


On the second grammar course, you will learn Russian prepositions. With prepositions, you can tell where, when or why something happens. For example, you can say “Дава́й встре́тимся о́коло того́ до́ма” (Let’s meet near that house).

P.S. The new courses are part of the Comprehensive Russian course package, and they have already been added for the existing users.


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