Podcast series “Learn English” begins

April 26, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast series “Learn English”!

In this series, we will handle universal topics such as happiness, travel and relationships from different angles. The series is suitable for basic and intermediate level English learners. While you listen, you can follow the script of the podcast under the audio track.

The topic of the first episode is “My recipe for happiness”. Click the play button and improve your listening comprehension skills!

My recipe for happiness

Before we start talking about happiness, we need to take a look at what exactly happiness is.

Everyone has a different definition and personal experience of it. For some, happiness is time with family. For others, it might be a new pair of sneakers, a good book, or a cup of tea on a rainy day. Your mileage may vary!

The experience of happiness is usually temporary and caused by an external event. Blue skies can make you happy. The kindness of a stranger can make you happy. A perfectly brewed cup of coffee can make you happy.

At this point, you’re probably thinking…What do I know about happiness? Why is my recipe for happiness important, or useful? Well, I know as much about it as you do. However, I believe that by sharing our thoughts, tips, and experiences, we can help each other slow down and soak in the good vibes. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

At times, I feel an immense amount of pressure to be happy and positive. I’m encouraged to look on the bright side of life or to find the silver lining in every situation. One of the most important ways to be happy is to first accept your unhappiness. If you’re feeling blue or down in the dumps, that’s ok. Try to accept these feelings and talk about them with close family or friends. To allow yourself to be happy you need to embrace all the other feelings as well.

It’s important to keep an open mind. Here are some simple and easy tips to expand your brain! First, try to travel as much as possible. Meet new people, experience different cultures and get out of your daily routine. If you have the chance to do that, you will gain a broader perspective on life. Next, read as much as possible. Read anything from classic literature and paperback thrillers to comic books. Use your imagination and delve into someone else’s point of view. You will develop more empathy and appreciation for the people around you.

You can also practice the art of listening on a daily basis. Do you ever find yourself in a conversation where you always think of what to say when the other person is talking? Let go of this habit and truly start listening. Suppress the need to always talk at the next brief silence. You will learn so much through listening and get so much more out of your day-to-day relationships.

This is all great stuff, but don’t forget one of the key elements to happiness: balance. Whenever I am feeling low, I take a good look at my schedule and ask myself these questions. How much am I working? Do I enjoy what I do? What hobbies am I keeping up with? How often do I see my friends? When is the last time I have hung out with my family? Am I exercising regularly?

It all comes down to developing a healthy balance, opening your mind, and embracing your darker side. Let us know what your top tips are for making a potent recipe for happiness!

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