Learning languages is like a gym for your brain

February 27, 2017

Language skills are useful for both work and leisure. With WordDive, learning languages is fun as well. But did you know that it’s also good for your brain?

Give your brain some exercise – it’s worth it!

Contrary to what many believe, new brain cells can still develop at an advanced age. This means that we can learn new things and improve our memory regardless of age. Besides regular physical activity and a healthy diet, exercising your brain can be highly beneficial: studies suggest that memory exercises can even prevent dementia.

However, spurring the production of new neurons requires active use of the brain. Learning a new language is a great way to exercise your cognitive functions: on top of a bright mind, there’s an extra prize – improved language skills!

You can learn languages at any age

WordDive has users in all age groups. Our overview on the median learning speed of WordDive users shows that young adults are the fastest learners, but results are great among the senior users too. As WordDive adjusts to the individual learning speed of each user, successful language learning is possible at any age.

Read more about the great experiences of our senior users and start exercising your memory yourself!


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