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May 2014


Review What You’ve Learned with New Functionality on WordDive

May 30, 2014

Following requests from our users, we have made it possible to reset course results on WordDive. Now, if you wish to brush up your language skills by reviewing the vocabulary on selected topics, it is easy to do so. To reset the course results, log in to WordDive, go to the Results page and select the course you’ve completed and would like to repeat. After that click the “Reset results” link and confirm. Please note that this operation cannot be undone. After…

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What Are the Hardest Languages to Learn?

May 20, 2014

Learning a new language is always a challenge. However, learning some languages can be a more demanding and time-consuming task than others. In this blog post we’ve put together our own “Top 5” of the languages which are often claimed to be the most difficult to learn for foreigners. Read more and find out what they are and why they are still worth your time and effort.…

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