User Experiences

Kati, Finland / France
I heard about WordDive from my friend and decided to try. Now I’m hooked! I study in the evenings, when the kids are sleeping, usually no more than half an hour at a time. I can recommend WordDive to all stay-at-home moms who have little free time. WordDive is excellent for short exercises.
Seppo, Finland / Spain
The efficiency is way better than it would be in school. The program tells you when you are making progress or when you are too tired and should take a break. WordDive has become a daily companion for me. I enjoy studying and becoming better. It’s also nice to notice that you can learn new things even at this age.
Aino, Finland
WordDive is very addictive, and the words stick to your mind.As a researcher of digitalization, I can say that WordDive is an excellent example of gamification, because in WordDive, the motivation comes from outside the game: improving your language skills. It’s nice to attend meetings now that I can express myself properly.
Mika L., Finland
To be honest, I started from absolute zero. I couldn’t even say hello in Swedish. I practiced for four months, 15 minutes per day. In that time, I learned permanently about a thousand study items.I got motivated by watching the rising number of permanently learned words – I am a little addicted to performance.
David, Spain
I completed all the Finnish courses that WordDive has. I practiced at the pace that the program recommended for me. I learned permanently over 3400 words. I have a visual memory, so the pictures are important. I also remember pretty well when I have to add the dots above the a and the o, because WordDive requires you to spell the words correctly.
Jaakko, Finland
When you are retired, you have time to sit in front of the screen. And I think that WordDive is a much more useful game than solitaire! I visit Russia quite often because we live next to the eastern border. It has been really nice to discover that I am actually able to speak Russian while I am there. For example, I can ask for advice and even understand the answer.
Peter, United States
WordDive offers an amazingly effective course that makes learning even the world's most difficult languages easy. I'm totally impressed with their technical assistance as well. I had a slight computer glitch and couldn't access my course. Despite it being a Sunday, they were right there to help me get it back online. I love these folks!
Nea, Finland
Using WordDive, I've built a comprehensive vocabulary in Swedish and learned how to use it in everyday life. The best things about WordDive are the clear course structure and the guidelines on how to study and proceed in order to achieve the goal. It's easy to use WordDive alongside studies and work.
Annamarie, Great Britain
I just wanted to take a moment to say that WordDive is the best site and app for Finnish language learning that exists at the moment. I recently married a Finn and I have been having a lot of trouble learning the language abroad. Your learning platform is well structured and practical for real language acquisition and I am so pleased! Thank you!
Angelika, Germany
Hello, I like the app very much. It supports my studies very well and I can even practice for a while on the train. Super! This is exactly what I have been looking for. It makes learning Finnish even more fun. Thank you for the good work and greetings!
Mika, Finland
WordDive is one of the best online language courses that I have ever used. I thought I was really bad at languages, but with WordDive I have learned more than 300 study items permanently in a short time. Sometimes I study more than 2 hours per day. Even then it doesn't feel like I'm spending a long time studying because it's so fun and rewarding.
Jussi, Finland
I've made massive progress with German vocabulary and grammar in a short period of time. You can learn the language in different ways: by writing, listening and with the help of the example posts. The app is very user-friendly and it's easy to study whenever possible.