WordDive for companies and educational institutions

WordDive is also suitable for the use of companies and educational institutions. WordDive’s languages courses can be paid for by invoice, and the purchase includes a receipt eligible for accounting with WordDive’s business ID and itemised value-added tax.

There are two alternatives for company and educational institution purchases:

  1. The student purchases a 3-, 6- or 12-month course from the WordDive web store themselves and chooses invoice as method of payment.
    The invoice is delivered to the student’s email address, from which they send it forward to their employer or the representative of their educational institution.
  2. The employer or the representative of the educational institution purchases a 3-, 6- or 12-month gift card from the WordDive web store and uses their chosen method of payment.
    The gift card is delivered to the purchaser’s email address, from which they send it forward to the student.

WordDive courses and gift cards can be purchased only one at a time. If you would like to make a larger purchase, or you have any questions about WordDive for companies and educational institutions, please contact us at sales@worddive.com.

How does WordDive work?

The comprehensive course packages include courses from beginner to advanced level. The course packages also include courses focusing on education, work life and business. The comprehensive course package includes all of the courses we offer for the language in question.

Vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation and grammar are practised in the courses. The use of several senses supports fast learning and the development of comprehensive language skills. All of our learning material is produced by language teachers and the pronunciation examples are recorded by native-born professionals.

When making a purchase or activating a gift card, the student creates an account for themselves, which can be used with both the browser version of WordDive and the mobile application found on app stores. The use of WordDive requires a working internet connection.

When the student starts a course, they choose a suitable goal for themselves. WordDive then organises all the relevant courses into a course list. The student can change their goal whenever they need to.

Studying within the courses is individually optimised, which means that every student progresses at a pace suitable for them. If the student’s starting level is high or if they learn quickly, the program proceeds rapidly. If the student’s starting level is low or they need more revision, the program slows the pace down. Moving forward happens only when the matters being studied have been learned permanently.

Following progress

From the settings of the browser version, the student can subscribe to a weekly report, which is sent on every Monday to the student’s email address.

If the supervisor or teacher wishes to follow the progress of a student, the student can send the weekly report forward from their own email.

Teacher’s account

If you are a language teacher and want to get to know WordDive courses for your work you can request a free teacher’s account from our customer service: info@worddive.com. Send the request from your work email address.