WordDive language courses for companies

WordDive language courses for companies

Good language skills are a competitive advantage

A common language is the key to understanding people from different cultures.

In international business, contacting and encountering the client in their own language shows respect and improves the chances of closing the deal. Multilingual customer support, communication and advertising lead to better customer experience and better results.

A good knowledge of languages enhances the quality of communication at a workplace with employees from different cultures. Learning languages can also motivate and inspire your employees as well as improve their memory, cognitive abilities and problem solving skills.

WordDive is the most direct route to fluent language skills

  • Artificial intelligence adapts exercising individually for each user.
  • Using multiple senses activates the brain diversely.
  • Work-related courses for each skill level.
  • A free-to-download mobile app can be used anywhere and anytime.
  • Reports to track the time spent studying and progress of the employees: See an example.
WordDive language courses for companies

Our language course participants have found this to be a suitable method for them. The program lets you know how to proceed. Even very short spare moments can be used for studying. Learning has been transformed into a positive experience that encourages you to keep on track. Goals and results are made visible for both the student and the employer.

Tiina Vuori, Sinebrychoff

Virtual meetings

If you would like to hear more, feel free to propose a virtual meeting on Skype. It will only take 5-30 minutes of your time and does not place any obligations on you. We will answer all your questions, and you can then take the time you need to decide whether WordDive is the best solution for your company's language training needs.

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50-99 30 % 54,12 €
100- 40 % 46,39 €
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