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What is WordDive?

WordDive is an award-winning AI-based internet and mobile app for learning languages. We are the first player on the market that offers real-life language skills with one unique app.

Our strategic focus area is in teaching oral English skills and, accordingly, we have clarified our mission:

—Our mission is to create an outstanding app for learning real-life English.

With our app users will quickly attain the ability to speak a new language in different situations, including work, travel and free time. Our method is based on Finnish pedagogy, activating several senses and the individual optimisation of learning.

Our goal is to help people understand each other. We believe that better language skills are the key to solving modern-day problems. This is also evident in our vision:

—Our vision is to break down communication barriers by revolutionising the way people learn to speak foreign languages.

Who are we?

Our team currently consists of around 40 members working in product development, design, learning materials, marketing and customer service.

Through close cross-team collaboration we aim to develop faster than our competitors and offer an outstanding app for learning languages.

Through an open work atmosphere and flat hierarchy, you will be able to affect matters within the work community. An inspired work environment and good team spirit are important to us. We strive to encourage it by offering our employees the best tools in the market, modern work spaces and beautiful sauna facilities at the basement of our offices.

Although we work ambitiously, we know how to have fun and regularly organise our free time activities and small trips for our team members.

Doctoral dissertations and graduate theses

If you are interested to study online learning, gamification, user experience, human computer interaction, mobile apps or pedagogy for doctoral dissertations or graduate theses using WordDive as a case please contact us: info@worddive.com.

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If we don't have any suitable open vacancies for you at the moment, you can send an open application to hr@worddive.com.

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