Why WordDive works

WordDive is a fun and easy method designed to help you speak a new language as quickly as possible. You will learn vocabulary, grammar and common expressions needed while traveling, at work and in other practical situations.

Learn by reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Entertaining exercises that fit your schedule.

Collect different coloured fish, follow your progress and race against your friends.

Easy switching between devices: your results are always saved.

Learn at your own pace

Choose a goal and WordDive organizes the courses automatically in a recommended order. When you start exercising, the app learns to know you and adapts the learning personally for you so that you can proceed at the pace that suits you.

» If you learn fast, the app picks up speed.

» If some things need more repetition, that will happen automatically.

Thanks to the AI, WordDive is like a virtual teacher that guides and motivates each user individually.


Read, write, listen and speak

The use of multiple senses activates your brain in various ways: you see, think, read, write, listen and pronounce.

1First you are presented with a picture that leads you to think of the thing you are learning.

2If you know or can guess the word, you move on to write, listen and pronounce it. If you don't know the word yet, you can look at the translation or listen to the right answer.

3Next comes an example where the word is presented in a natural context. Sentence structures, grammar and common expressions will become familiar through the examples.

All this means that, depending on the correctness of your answer (check out the different answer levels), the same study item is repeated 6-11 times on each try, using multiple senses. Remember to repeat the answers and the example sentences aloud. Listening and speaking strengthens the impression further and speeds up your learning.

What are study items and CEFR skill levels?

You will actually learn to speak

The aim of exercising is permanent learning. When you know the essential vocabulary and grammar well enough to produce them automatically, it is possible to form thoughts in the new language. This will very quickly lead to the ability to speak the target language. You can figure out unfamiliar words from the context or ask what they mean and understand the answer.

Because it frees your working memory, WordDive practice improves your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in leaps and bounds. You will get to a level where you can put your new language to use as quickly as possible. When you use the language, you will progress even faster.

Permanent learning happens by repeating study items just a bit more after you already know them. This is why you can achieve permanent items only on the second or third day of exercising. The extra effort ensures that you will really remember the things you learned and reach a skill level that allows you to use the new language fluently and with confidence.