Hiragana characters

There are 46 basic hiragana, which can be modified to make 103 characters in all. Modification is done by adding ゙, ゚ or a half-size basic character to the hiragana. For example:

  は (ha) + ゙ -> ば (ba)

  は (ha) + ゚ -> ぱ (pa)

  き(ki) + や (ya) -> きゃ (kya)

 あ aい iう uえ eお o   
Kか kaき kiく kuけ keこ koきゃ kyaきゅ kyuきょ kyo
Sさ saし shiす suせ seそ soしゃ shaしゅ shuしょ sho
Tた taち chiつ tsuて teと toちゃ chaちゅ chuちょ cho
Nな naに niぬ nuね neの noにゃ nyaにゅ nyuにょ nyo
Hは haひ hiふ fuへ heほ hoひゃ hyaひゅ hyuひょ hyo
Mま maみ miむ muめ meも moみゃ mya みょ myo
Yや ya ゆ yu よ yo   
Rら raり riる ruれ reろ roりゃ ryaりゅ ryuりょ ryo
Wわ wa   を (w)o   
 ん n       
Gが gaぎ giぐ guげ geご goぎゃ gyaぎゅ guyぎょ gyo
Zざ zaじ jiず zuぜ zeぞ zoじゃ jaじゅ juじょ jo
Dだ daぢ (ji)づ (zu)で deど do   
Bば baび biぶ buべ beぼ boびゃ byaびゅ byuびょ byo
Pぱ paぴ piぷ puぺ peぽ poぴゃ pyaぴゅ pyuぴょ pyo

With WordDive, you will automatically learn the hiragana characters in order of priority.

Entering exceptional hiragana characters

Below is a list of hiragana characters that are not typed out in a straightforward alphabetical way. For example, the hiragana character ん (n) is entered by pressing the n key twice. For example, きけん (kiken, danger) is entered as "kikenn".

Writing in hiragana

After installing Japanese support, select hiragana as your writing language. Now the characters are typed in Latin alphabet as usual, apart from the exceptions on the left.

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