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Hae meille töihin! Vahvuuksiamme ovat rautainen ammattitaito, hyvä yhteishenki ja halu auttaa sekä asiakasta että työkaveria. Jos olet taitava ja mukava tyyppi, joka tarttuu reippaasti toimeen ja omaksuu nopeasti uusia asioita, voisit sopia osaksi nuorta ja kansainvälistä tiimiämme.

WordDive yrityksenä

Suomalainen www.WordDive.com on yksi johtavista digitaalisten kielikoulutusratkaisujen tarjoajista. WordDive on onnistunut yhdistämään suomalaisen koulutuksen ja peliteollisuuden parhaat puolet koukuttavaksi kielenoppimisohjelmaksi, joka hyödyntää useaa aistia, sopeutuu jokaisen käyttäjän henkilökohtaiseen oppimistahtiin ja tähtää erittäin nopeaan, mutta pysyvään oppimiseen. Jo 150 maassa toimiva WordDive on palkittu mm. Suomen parhaana e-oppimisratkaisuna ja Suomen parhaana mobiilipalveluna. Keväällä 2015 WordDive valittiin Red Herring Europe Top 100 -listalle. Yrityksen työkieli on englanti.

  • Growth Company

    Finland 2016

  • Top 100 Winner

    Europe 2015

  • Best Mobile Service

    Finland 2014

  • Best eLearning solution

    Finland 2011

Customer Support Associate

We want to accelerate further and are therefore looking for a hard-working and eager to learn student to join our team on part-time basis.

You will learn the latest means in digitalization of consumer services with us. Your main task will be email based customer support which is crucially important both to serve our customers and to consolidate their needs towards our R&D. However, as your skills grow there will be also other tasks based on your interests and availability. For example, on the following areas we would frequently need an additional pair of hands:

In order to succeed, you have to be able to respond to customers' emails in English, German, Finnish and Swedish. Responding happens mostly by modifying standard responses. We consider fluent (written) language skills as a plus. German language skills are especially important, as our growth comes increasingly from there.

Any experience with mobile apps, even as a user, is appreciated. An open mind, willingness to learn and team work skills are mandatory.

Ideally, you will be working weekly anything between 1 day in the office (7,5h) and 2 evening/weekend shifts (each 1-3h) to 2 days in the office and 4 evening/weekend shifts. The schedule is flexible, it can be adjusted to your studies and is usually agreed at least one full week in advance.

You also have the option to use WordDive Ltd. as the case enterprise for a possible Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis as/if required.

We offer you a spot in a team that is currently one of the best SaaS (Software as a Service) growth hackers in Finland. This is a rare opportunity for you to jump in just when we have started to conquer international markets. Apply now. The position will stay open only until a suitable person has been found.

Application procedure: Send your application by email to hr@worddive.com. Include at least:

  1. The actual application in free format (1 page). Why would you be a good addition in our customer support team?
  2. CV (1 page)
  3. Salary request

Doctoral dissertations and graduate thesis

If you are interested to study language learning, online learning, gamification, user experience, human computer interaction, digital services, mobile apps or pedagogy for doctoral dissertations or graduate thesis using WordDive as a case, please, contact us.

We can support the effort by providing access to learners to interview or to participate your surveys and plenty of statistical data for the empirical part of your research.

We are closely connected to the local universities and already six M.Sc. thesis have been produced this way 2011-2016 for Tampere University of Technology, University of Tampere and University of Jyväskylä. Those will provide for you a good reference and an excellent starting point. However, digital language learning is developing fast and therefore there are still plenty of unexplored topics.

Intern, trainee and apprentice positions

WordDive Ltd. is growing very fast at the moment. Significant number of the team members have just started and therefore, unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any intern, summer trainee or similar during spring or summer 2016.

If you are interested in online language learning and how digitalization and gamification can make it much more efficient and fun, check again in spring 2017.

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