German Grammar

WordDive has put together a handy introduction to guide you through the basics of German grammar!

Below is a list of some key aspects of German grammar. The page has been designed to help you make progress in your language studies. You can therefore either browse through the grammar pages topic by topic, or pick and choose the topics you find most problematic or interesting.

The grammar pages focus on aspects such as inflection and conjugation, as these are often perceived as being difficult. Nouns and their articles, for example, inflect according to the four German cases. So do adjectives, and in fact, they have two different inflectional forms. Read more about these here!

Do you have difficulties with verbs and their conjugation? Don’t worry! We have designed pages focusing on the present tense, the past tense and the auxiliary and modal verbs. Finally, you may have been wondering why the conjugated verb changes place in a German sentence: Du bist mein Freund. Ich weiß, dass du mein Freund bist. Find out why here.

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