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June 8, 2018

Do you sometimes feel that even though you study really hard, you still don’t learn anything? The reason might be that you study too much and too extensively.

If you try to focus on too many new matters at a time, learning new things may become more difficult. The most important thing is to focus on only one thing at a time, and only move forward when that thing goes smoothly.

We have gathered some tips on how you can intensify your learning by focusing on what matters.

Study in shorter periods

If you have the feeling that you’re not learning anything even though you study many hours a day, try to practice in shorter periods. Your language skills will not improve if you study for hours on weekends but don’t spend any time studying for the rest of the week.

Is it difficult to find the time to study? The WordDive mobile app is always with you, so why not use your 10 minutes’ bus trip for language practice?

Choose a pleasant theme

Does art vocabulary bore you? Do you find economics tiring? If you try to study a theme that doesn’t interest you at all, the results can be poor. Start by focusing primarily on a theme you’re already familiar with. Are you an enthusiastic cook? Try learning food vocabulary! Are you fond of sports? Get to know some sports vocabulary!

Set realistic goals

All of us language learners have been there: We’d like to know everything about the language already. However, exercises that are too difficult won’t advance your learning. You need to meet the challenges one by one.

If communicating in a foreign language is what matters to you the most, start speaking by using the knowledge you have at this very moment.

Don’t be afraid to speak aloud

Do you study a foreign language in order to chat with the locals on your holiday, but just can’t recall the grammatical genders of words? Well, often you can’t even tell the gender of a word from native speakers’ speech, and it’s very likely that your conversation partner understands you despite the grammatical (in)correctness of what you’re saying.

Or do your discussions in a foreign language always grind to a halt because you need to use a word you’re not familiar with? Then look it up in a dictionary. Now you have an excellent reason to learn the word, and you’ll definitely be motivated.

Learn by combining different senses

If you just learn word lists by heart and don’t use the words you just learned in a context, it won’t bring you the desired results. When practicing with WordDive, you can enhance your learning by listening and repeating the words and example sentences. Using different senses in a learning situation activates your brain in a different way, which intensifies learning progress.

Remember: Results will come, even if you can’t see them on day one! But keep in mind, that you’ll get far in one week already, and in one month the progress will be remarkable!

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  • Reply Michael Quek June 11, 2018 at 14:39

    I think the basic problem is listening to Finnish language with all slang and informal way of speech. Not everyone can learn language well but with reasonable persistency and consistency, our brains will “set and wired up it neurons and synapses” and this is how I perceived in Neuro-education = psychology + pedagogics+neuroscience, under Harvard University under the leadership of Professor Richard Elmore and specialists, Dr. Todd Rose, Dr. Judy Willis and Dr. Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa . AI is just a tool and the design is under the understanding of Neuroeducation.

    • Reply Iida Uuppo June 14, 2018 at 15:01

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment!

      It is true that listening to slang and informal speech doesn’t make language learning necessarily easier. But on the other hand these teach you language as it is spoken in real situations. And by using slang and informal speech you can impress native speakers and maybe even come across as native yourself!

      Best Regards,

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