Celebrate languages in September – are you already familiar with these language-related days?

August 30, 2021

Did you know that many language-related days are celebrated in September? They remind us of the importance of knowing languages and other related skills in our daily lives. So, write a letter, start learning a new language or celebrate the month in another way that suits you!

World Letter Writing Day, September 1

Nearly all of us write something daily, at least on our phones. However, writing a letter is a skill of its own – try compressing all you want to say onto a sheet of paper, without emojis! The use of language requires a whole other level of attention, so you need to focus on writing more.

The World Letter Writing Day encourages everyone to grab a pencil and to write whatever kind of letter they want to, to anybody they want to. You can decide yourself whether you send the letter to the recipient or not.

National Read a Book Day, September 6

Reading is celebrated in early September in the United States. Grab a book – new or old, thin or thick – and get lost in the enticing world of reading. Reading a book in a foreign language is also an excellent way of maintaining your language skills.

International Literacy Day, September 8

The International Literacy Day reminds us of the importance of being able to read. According to the United Nations, there are about 750 million illiterate adults – literacy would enable education or professional training for them and thus a better future.

Each of us can imagine on the International Literacy Day what it would be like to live in the modern world without reading or writing skills.

International Day of Sign Languages, September 23

Sign languages are natural languages that differ structurally from spoken languages. There are over 300 different sign languages in the world.

The International Day of Sign Languages encourages people to support and protect the identity of deaf people and others who use sign languages, as well as their cultural diversity. The International Day of Sign Languages has been celebrated only since 2018, but there are also many national sign language days in many countries.

National Punctuation Day, September 24

At the end of September, the United States celebrates a National Punctuation Day which reminds us of the importance of punctuation. The aim of the day is to increase awareness of how to use punctuation correctly and to gather examples of situations where they could be used better.

European Day of Languages, September 26

The European Day of Languages encourages you to learn languages at any age, in or out of school. There are many languages spoken in Europe, and the day’s objective is to remind us to nurture linguistic diversity. The day has been celebrated since 2001.

It is easy to join the celebration – study a foreign language also on September 26!

International Translation Day, September 30

On the International Translation Day we observe the role of things and people related to translating and interpretation. Translators and interpreters are important to us both in our daily lives as well as in making international cooperation succeed. When we understand the language someone else is speaking and writing, it is easier to find common ground.

September, a month full of language-related days of celebration, is a great time to start learning languages! With WordDive’s language courses, you will learn real-life language skills efficiently and you can study when and wherever you want to.

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