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Huong Dinh


I have never believed in online learning site before but WordDive changed my mind. It's really great. I don't know any single German word when I started. So far, I have learned permanently more than 200 words just in 2 weeks. I'm very happy with the result. I hope that there will be more and bigger language packages offered so we can learn more and longer with WordDive!


WordDive is an excellent service to expand your vocabulary. The exercises revive our conception memory, so the words are memorized easily and fast. I am an English teacher, and I am studying French with WordDive. As a specialist I recommend this service to all my students and friends. You should try it, too!




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Estonian language courses

WordDive's Estonian language courses can be used on a computer or mobile device. You can try an Estonian course for 14 days for free. The WordDive method gives you permanent learning results in just one week! The range of courses includes Estonian for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced levels.

Why choose the WordDive method?

multiple senses

Using multiple senses is the most efficient way to learn a new language.

personal optimization

In the WordDive method, the speed of progress and repetition of study items are optimised for you personally.

permanent learning

Permanent learning achieved with the WordDive method means the ability to communicate in the new language naturally and fluently.

Anybody can learn Estonian with the WordDive method.

Learn Estonian online

Learn Estonian online! Studying Estonian online is efficient with WordDive. It's easy to get started and learn. WordDive has been chosen as the best e-learning solution in Finland. You can try studying Estonian for 14 days for free.

Studying Estonian

Activating your brain through the use of multiple senses is what makes studying Estonian with WordDive so efficient. You'll see, think, read, write, listen and pronounce. WordDive will also recognize your learning speed and starting level in Estonian and tailor the speed of progress and content individually for you.

The Estonian language (eesti keel)

Estonian is the official language of Estonia and spoken by about 1.1 million native speakers. It is closely related to Finnish and is in the same language family as Hungarian. Estonian is written with the Latin alphabet and uses the additional letters Ä, Ö, Ü and Õ. The letters S and Z also appear with caron: Š, Ž.

Though Estonians speak many other languages, including English and Russian, familiarity with the Estonian language gives a better insight into Estonian life and culture. Learning at least the basics is always a good idea, whether visiting the country for business or fun.

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