WordDive for Businesses

WordDive for Businesses

Boost your employees' language skills with the WordDive method!

Your employees' language skills give your company a significant advantage in today's competitive markets. Whether your goal is to increase vocabulary or to develop small talk skills, WordDive is a powerful, cost-efficient way to learn languages fast.

With WordDive, studying can take place in the office, at home or on the road. All that is needed is an Internet connection - no software installation is required. WordDive adapts to every user's personal learning pace, which guarantees progress even when time is limited.

Your employees can choose from a large variety of courses to get content that suits their skill levels and is relevant for their needs and interests. Additionally, our reporting solution can be used to track time spent studying and employee progress.

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WordDive for Businesses

We tried WordDive and noticed that it offered an opportunity to learn languages cost-effectively. Using WordDive is enjoyable because it knows your language level and adjusts to your pace of learning.

Jonas - Plant Manager, Ypap Oy

Virtual meetings

Did you know that working hours spent on the road form a large part of the cost of B2B sales? This will eventually be reflected in customer prices - so we will not travel to you, but instead would be delighted to meet you on Skype.

Suggest a virtual meeting on Skype if you would like to hear more. It will only take 5-30 minutes of your time and does not place any obligations on you. We will answer all your questions, and you can then take the time you need to decide whether WordDive is the best solution for your company's language training needs.

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Price per user

Number Discount Price per user/year VAT 0 %
5-9 5 % 73,45 €
10-19 10 % 69,59 €
20-49 20 % 61,86 €
50-99 30 % 54,12 €
100- 40 % 46,39 €
Total price

The order is made for a fixed period and will not continue automatically. Price per user means the price of one language per user per year.

The invoice will be sent to the given email address in PDF format, unless otherwise agreed.

Terms of payment: 14 days net

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