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Discover a new learning experience

Learn languages online with the WordDive app and website.

With WordDive learning is like playing a game: collect rewards, level up and track your progress in real time.

  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate language learners
  • Entertaining 3-45 minute exercises you can do in your spare moments
  • Extensive selection of courses and topics
  • Synchronized learning across all your devices

This fun and easy method is specifically aimed at giving you skills you can use right away. It helps you to actually start speaking the new language quickly and without overwhelming effort. Sounds incredible, right?


  • Set your goal: Language basics, Travel, Work, Immigration, Advanced level
  • The AI chooses automatically the right excercising mode for you
  • Choose topics that interest you
  • Learn by seeing, reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • All course material is crafted by native speakers and education experts
  • Individually optimized learning means that you will proceed at your own pace
  • Permanent learning results
  • Just log in to your account (or create one) and pick up from where you have left off - your results are always saved
  • WordDive Mobile App in App Store
  • WordDive Mobile App in App Store
  • WordDive Mobile App in App Store
  • WordDive Mobile App in App Store
  • WordDive Mobile App in App Store
  • WordDive Mobile App in App Store

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After that, you will need a subscription in order to access the complete learning materials for the language of your choice.

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  • Using multiple senses is efficient.
  • Learning is individually optimized.
  • Speaking becomes easy and natural.