Why WordDive works

Achieve real life language skills

By real life language skills, we mean understanding native speakers of the language you are studying and being able to have spontaneous conversations with them. You will be able to produce sentences and express yourself in your new language without hesitation.

With WordDive, you will reach a sufficiently high level in all common topics and learn things you need on the road, at work and in other practical situations.

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Clear lesson plan that adapts to your everyday life

WordDive is great for motivated adults who have full calendars and can’t always get to a specific classroom at a specific time.

The learning material is divided into skill levels and courses of approximately 40-60 study items. All material is designed and produced by Finnish language teachers together with native professionals. In addition to vocabulary exercises, the newest courses contain sentence construction, grammar exercises and conversations.

Following the clear learning path is easy. You don’t have to worry about planning your studies – just proceed and enjoy! Intuitive exercises keep motivation high and help you to get in a productive flow state.

The handy mobile app will be wherever you are, and the exercises are short enough to fit nicely into an adult language learner’s busy life.

What are study items and CEFR skill levels?

Find the courage to speak

With WordDive, you will learn by reading, writing, listening and speaking. Artificial intelligence will optimise the exercises for every user individually so that the study items are transferred from working memory to long-term memory. This is what we call permanently learned level.

Permanent learning means that you will know vocabulary and the most important grammar topics by heart, which makes it much easier to form sentences that express precisely what you want to say.

You will also build confidence by practising pronunciation, useful expressions and realistic conversations in the app.

When you find the courage to speak, your language skills will start improving rapidly. For example, you will be able to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words from the context. You won’t be discouraged by small mistakes and will be able to let them go. If you can’t think of the right word immediately, you will be able to come up with another way to get your message across. Little by little, you will start speaking more confidently and naturally.