Patented method for learning languages

WordDive is designed to solve the biggest issues that stop us from actually using a foreign language on a holiday trip, at work and in other practical situations. The most important of these issues are mastering roughly 2 000 frequently used words and a good command of basic grammar.

When you know these well enough to produce them automatically, it is possible to form thoughts in the new language. This will very quickly lead to the ability to speak the target language. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can learn a new language in three months.

We have a selection of 10 languages, hundreds of courses and thousands of study items. Do you want to learn a new language? Welcome to the company of happy WordDive users: according to a customer survey conducted in 2019, 96% of WordDive users recommend it.

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Made in Finland

WordDive has been designed and developed by dozens of language teachers, software developers and experts of user experience.

In 2018, the central innovation of the WordDive method, individual optimisation of learning, was patented in the United States (patent number US 10,074,290). In the autumn of the same year, WordDive was chosen by Red Herring as one of the world’s Top 100 start-up companies. In 2020 WordDive won the EdTech Breakthrough Award for Language Learning Software of the Year.

The basis of exceptionally fast and efficient learning with WordDive is using the strengths of Finnish education and mobile know-how and artificial intelligence. With the help of AI, the WordDive app recognises the study items that have been learned permanently. This makes it possible to optimise the pace of learning and exercising for each customer individually.

Read more about the WordDive method.

All course material is created by experienced professionals and is always proofread and recorded by native speakers.

No ads will distract you from learning, and WordDive will never give your data to third parties. Our friendly maintenance and customer service team is there to help you every day of the year.

Learning on the go

Download the WordDive app from App Store or Google Play. Downloading the app is free. If you don’t have any current course package subscription, you can try WordDive for free for seven days.

Read more about the WordDive app.

Our customers love WordDive

Kati H., Finland

I heard about WordDive from my friend and decided to try. Now I’m hooked! I study in the evenings, when the kids are sleeping, usually no more than half an hour at a time. I can recommend WordDive to all stay-at-home moms who have little free time. WordDive is excellent for short exercises.

What do our customers say about WordDive?

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