Master English

The Master English

In February 2021, we released the new Master English app which focuses on teaching English. The Master English program raises the user’s language skills to a level where they can successfully conduct demanding work tasks in English (skill level B2, “professional fluency”). The app is currently available in the United States and in multiple Latin American countries for Spanish-speaking customers.


Master English is based on our extremely popular WordDive app. The app has garnered much praise from customers and works so well that we wanted to scale up our operations also abroad and, thus, help as many people as possible to achieve English fluency. The Master English app has been developed by our multidisciplinary team which has years of experience in creating the best possible learning and user experience.

Unique technology, designed in Finland

The uniqueness of the Master English program is based on artificial intelligence with which users can achieve a B2 level in 50-200 lessons. The Speak with AI® technology recognizes mistakes made by the user and gives feedback on them, allowing the program to be fully customized to the user's needs. Language learning development targets and the schedule are set individually, which maintains learning motivation. Master English teaches its users real-life English.

Fluent English to improve standard of living

The Master English app is aimed at educated adults who want to achieve the ability to use real-life English at a high or intermediate level. Fluent language skills add significant value to both professional and private life, which is why career advancement and a higher standard of living are motivating factors for learning English. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the app: Master English has received nearly 2,000 reviews on App Store, with the average being a whopping 4.9/5 stars!