WordDive for teachers

Awarded as the best e-learning solution in Finland (2011) and the best mobile service in Finland (2014), WordDive works extremely well as a part of a teacher’s tool kit.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, learning speed and exercising of the study items can be optimised individually for each student. The use of multiple senses aids the development of versatile language skills and makes learning fast. All course material is produced by professional language experts.

Our selection includes 10 languages and hundreds of courses. For vocational education, we also offer a number of industry-specific vocabulary courses in English and Finnish.

Order a free teacher’s licence and explore the course material in your language.

Taking WordDive into use is simple, and our friendly customer support is there to help you with any questions. Students only need a computer, a smartphone or a tablet with an internet connection. The teacher gets a progress report to their email every week. See an example.

Did you know that the AI-based WordDive application is especially loved by high school seniors preparing for their final exams? 40 000 high school seniors have chosen the WordDive prep course and 98% of them recommend it.

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